Sunday, 2 December 2012

Shop till you drop!

I feel like a shop these days, instead of just an artist.....The things I have for sale, dear customers, come and see, come and see!
Some luxurious Christmas presents, like a framed original, some stocking fillers, some Christmas cards, it goes on and on...

Prints for Charity
The Blue Dress, prints. ALL profit goes to charity!!
10x12" available direct from me (UK only)
All other (international) orders go to:
Black Dress, oil, framed £400
Notebooks, sketchbooks
Large and small, hardcover or paperback, from £4.95
Some available direct from me, or else order here:
Greeting Cards, 5 for £5
With a variety of my paintings featuring on it.
Order direct from me.
I love my business cards...they are tiny little glossy keep-sake pictures!
And they're FREE of course, with any purchase.
Small Blue, oil, framed SOLD
Exhibited and for sale at the RWA in Bristol until 30 December 2012

Not to mention the other original paintings I have available of course....
Don't worry, soon I'll just be posting about paintings again....

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