Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Mothers and Daughters and Lace

My paintings for the BP Travel Award are inspired by the many portraits of women from the early 17th century as painted by Larkin, Gheeraerts and Verspronck and many others. They painted wealthy upper class women. Although their wealth gave us the opportunity to see their faces and their dress, they were women who must have shared many things with modern-day women: they were mothers, daughters, wives and grandmothers. They loved fashion and beautiful things or perhaps not so much. They had to battle the challenges from life as a wife or a mother and a head of a household.They were hugely restricted in their freedom but no doubt found ways to exercise some power over their own lives. They were painted in elaborate clothes, often richly decorated with lace. The lace would have been made by many more women of whom we do not have portraits. They were invisible women who were also mothers, wives and daughters. The incredible refinement and beauty in the lace is something we cannot reproduce nowadays and will one day be lost forever, when the lace has disintegrated into dust. All we then have are the paintings of it.
(from my upcoming catalogue)

William Larkin, Lady Mary Radclyffe, 1610-13
Denver Art Museum

Lace detail of one of my portraits, around 5 inches wide.
Oil on linen.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Works in progress....

Just some pictures of work in progress....for your to enjoy...and to wonder what it is all going to lead  to since I cannot show you any complete paintings....yet.....

A small 2 inch detail of a work in progress.

I love painting silk! This is the underpainting stage....

with a small brush I add texture to turn the silk into taffeta silk
Detail of a painting in progress....

Some reproduction goodies to be used in my costumes...

Thursday, 14 November 2013

RWA Autumn Ehxibition

I am happy to exhibit again at the Royal West of England Academy of Art (RWA)  for its 161st Autumn Exhibition.
24 November - 26 February

Queens Road

Petals & Lace, graphite, 38x28cm

Some images of the show, with the room where my drawing hangs:

Other posts on the RWA Open exhibitions:


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