Thursday, 26 May 2011

The Big Hat

Oil on linen, 40x50cm
finished for now.
will post details soon.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous - feminine and pretty but not saccharine. It reeks of skill and artistry and I like this recent series of yours very much. Unusual compositions and you own wonderful subtle palette. I am a huge fan of your work - another winner Sophie.

  2. Beautiful! The intricate detail in the hat is unbelievable.

  3. wow, so nice & beautiful painting good art.

  4. OMG Sophie wat een meesterstukje, niet alleen de kant, de hoed, het snuitje maar ook de pose ........
    Ik ben er ondersteboven van !

  5. Hi Tina, thanks so much. Its great to know this fabric series was perhaps a good idea...
    Holly, thanks so much.
    MM - cheers.
    Gilberte.. dankjewel. Doet me goed.


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