Tuesday, 21 February 2012

The Blue Dress

As good as finished but without a title yet, so for now, it is called ‘The Blue Dress'

oil on linen, 50x60cm

This painting was inspired by a condition called POTS, something I have lived with all of my adult life. POTS is a fairly unknown condition of the autonomic nervous system which makes you dizzy and faint, at best, and wheelchair/bed bound at worst. I wanted to express the feeling of dizziness and loneliness in a painting.

For this painting I looked at medieval art, like Fra Angelico’s architecture and drapery, Vermeer’s use of blue, and of light, I picked pieces from Blenheim Palace and my imagination to put this all together in a vision of Alice in Wonderland-styled confusion and dizziness.

For more on POTS, check out the patient charity STARS

Edit spring 2012: I did some more work on it, here is the final image:


  1. Thanks so much for sharing, Sophie. I love this painting- it articulates so much that is impossible to put into words.

  2. Amazing work! Thankyou for illustrating this hard to understand condition so fantastically accurately!

  3. Wow, what an amazing piece of art! Thankyou for illustrating so accurately the feelings of a sufferer of this hard to understand condition.

  4. Thanks so much Louise. So glad you recognize the feelings.

  5. Stunning painting of a clever interpretation for every visitor. nice very nice!!!!

  6. Thank you Bhavna, you say it so well. I appreciate you stopping by!

  7. Stunning Sophie....so atmostheric, and such beautiful colours

  8. I'd love to hear more about what gave you the idea to convey the disorientation in the way that you did- it's just perfect. :)

  9. well, just look in my head!! My own dizziness reminded me of images I had seen before of medieval paintings, Alice in Wonderland, Vermeer’s view of Delft, and Blenheim’s (and other Hawksmoor/Vanbrugh buildings) dramatic curves. Finally having a diagnosis gives me the confidence to express how I feel!
    (nice photo Kylie! ;-) )

  10. I love it Sophie! I love everything about it but for me the left hand reaching out to find balance is what immediately catches me. I could almost feel what this painting is about, you are a gifted artist. Thanks for sharing!


  11. Thanks Corina. I am glad it touches you.


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