Thursday, 9 February 2012

Cube Contemporary Art Projects: More Real Than Real; Realism from the USA and Cana...

This is something about a realist art show in Australia...not something I’ll be visiting any time soon, but I really like how Jim has described contemporary realism and the role of the internet. Have a read on his blog:

Cube Contemporary Art Projects: More Real Than Real; Realism from the USA and Cana...: More Real Than Real; Realism from the USA and Canada is an exhibition curated by Jim Thalassoudis for Peter Walker Fine Art and is on durin...

A little extract:
In the last decade there has been a proliferation of “atelier” art schools teaching the methods, the knowledge and the revival of the skills of the past. Coupled with this is the use of the Internet allowing literally thousands of like-minded painters to find each other, to form social collectives, to teach, to learn and to pass on information.
Graydon Parrish,  Susanna looking to the right     oil on panel  50.8 x 45.5 cm


  1. What a beautiful lady!!! As we have already discussed, Realism never went away!!!
    I for one would have loved to have studied art the traditional way. Having studied it late I was very disappointed to find that I really wasn't taught anything very much.... Were you 'self taught' too Sophie or do they do things differently in the Netherlands?

  2. Graydon Parish, who painted this lady is a modern master and example. Realism never went, but it could do with a boost, especially in Europe.

    I was self-taught indeed....spent a bit in art college but it wasn’t for me (and no proper art training there either) so I went on to uni to study art history.

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  4. You didn't miss anything by being self taught-and neither did Rossetti, Burne-Jones or Morris my Victorian art inspirations!!!
    I am self teaching myself Art History now...but at least that's how you are supposed to do it with the OU and they do supply interesting, if difficult (for the 20th century)materials in order to direct my studies!! Currently embroiled in considering reasons for the variety of views relating to the 1960's, for an essay due in next week.....!!!! Minimalism, Conceptualism and Abstract Expressionism not really my 'thing' (although very interesting) wouldn't do for everybody to like the same things though, would it?! :-)


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