Tuesday, 7 February 2012

3 On the go!

 I am working on three paintings at the moment, which is very unusual for me! This small one below is one I did for a bit of fun, just making it up as I went along...its only 18x24cm and am calling it Antique Fantasy, because well, that’s what it is.

This one below is 50x60cm and still in the ‘ugly’ stage...just blocking in, working on composition etc. I think you can already see what it is going to be like however. Yes, confused!

My third painting will involve a nineteenth  century parasol...but I am still at the canvas priming stage. I like my canvas as non-absorbent as possible so like to apply an oil primer before I get started. That way no paint will ‘sink’ into the canvas, creating a mat effect, but the paint will glow in all its glory.


  1. You certainly have a love for patterns and textures. Looking beautiful already Sophie.

  2. Dank Erik. Ja, wellicht zelfs sprake van een obsessie...ahem. Nu aan het worstelen met het tweede schilderij...(blauwe jurk)


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