Monday, 14 November 2011

Pastel Painting

After a long break I took out my pastels again. The last pastel painting I did was ‘In the Rainbow Underpass’ (the one that got in the Royal Society of Portrait Painters!) which was a while ago, back in the early part of the year. Now we’re already rushing towards Christmas! High time to get ‘dusty’ again. I wasn’t planning on doing such a big painting, but here we go:

Flower Bed, pastel, 65x45 / 25x18”

As good as finished, just a few tweaks here and there.
15 Nov: I have updated the image with the finished piece.


  1. This is stunning. I have no idea what you little tweaks might be but my eye is obviously not as good as yours. How long does it take you to get this far in a creation?

  2. Hee, lieve Sophie, jeetje wat mooi gedaan! niet alleen de stoffen en roos, maar ook het houtwerk!!!
    Wat een geduld moet je toch hebben om zo fijn en zo goed gedetailleerd te tekenen!

    liefs Gertrude

  3. I admire your patience and determination to portray such delicate and complicated textural patterns. Very well done.

  4. This is unbelievable painting... And this is pastel!!! I can't believe it...
    it's name? ' this is not a photo' or to be serius 'rose on fabric'

  5. wow, thank you all so much! I am still working on it but mostly done. Will call it ‘Flower Bed’ I think. Thanks for all the nice comments.
    More fabric paintings to back to oil paints though...

  6. How on earth do you get this detail, and difference in textures, it's miraculous! Do you have pastel pencils, how is it done?

  7. Hi Jennifer, thanks for your lovely comment! No, no pastel pencils I’m afraid. Just use the sticks, a sharp edge, and layer, layer, layer it! The trick usually is to just keep going.

  8. Wow, your work is absolutely gorgeous! I love the subtle colors here. There's a lot of depth and emotion here which is incredible. Lovely blog. :)

  9. thank you Crystal, that is great to hear. Hope you stick around!

  10. Amazing artwork..great skills!

  11. Op facebook al uitbundig geweest over je prachtige kunst.
    Je bent mijn ontdekking van de dag, week, maand.. enz..
    Wat een kadootje.. Je maakt de meest eenvoudige zaken beeldschoon.
    En ik ben ontroerd... Er zit heel veel gevoel in je werk.
    Dank je wel.. je raakt me..!

  12. Hoi Miriam, dankjewel - het mooiste voor een kunstenaar is als ’t werk iemand raakt. En dat deed het bij jou. Dank.


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