Friday, 30 December 2011

Happy New Year!!

In 2011 I decided I was going to try out some of the prestigious open exhibitions held by the societies of the Federation of British Artists, held at the Mall Galleries on The Mall in London. It would boost my cv if I would get in one. My first try was the Pastel Society and I painted a portrait of my son. Alas, on the handing-in day I was ill and could not submit. So I submitted it to the Royal Society of Portrait Painters. And shock and behold! It got accepted. I am still very proud of that. My year was made. 
2011 turned out to be my year as what followed was acceptance and an award at the Society of Women Artists, the Royal Institute of Oil Painters and The Royal West of England Academy of Art. I still cannot believe it all.
To make the year complete I was recently informed that my submission for the 2012 Open Exhibition of the Pastel Society was accepted. Got there in the end.

So 2011 was a fantastic year for me. I could not have wished for greater success.

I will try to build on this in 2012 and continue to push myself. Textiles still hold my interest so I will continue to play with those.

I hope the new year will  be fantastic for all of you. Thank you very much for reading and commenting on my blog. It is great to interact with you all and share and chat. I am grateful that you stop by once in a while on my blog and hope to see you in 2012!

Here’s a sneaky preview of what’s currently on the easel, still at the underpainting stage.


  1. That's a great year, Sophie! Congratulations on all the well-deserved success!

  2. Happy New 2012, with more and more creations!

  3. Indeed 2011 has been a great your for you Sophie. You've grown a lot in the last year and I wish you an even greater 2012 like you deserve. I feel honored to know you.

  4. Thank you Daniel! Have a great 2012.
    Thanks Lampros, I’ll be working on it!
    Erik, dankjewel. Voel je niet vereerd, het is leuk om met medekunstenaars te kunnen kletsen over je werk. Gelukkig nieuwjaar voor jou en je gezin!


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