Friday, 23 March 2012

Magazine Article

There is a 4-page article about me and my work in the French art magazine Pratique des Arts! I am really excited and proud. Stéphanie came to interview me last summer and finally here is the result.
I haven’t seen the article yet myself, but if you can get a hold of a copy....

Here is the link to the magazine website:
Here’s a preview/teaser of the first pages:


  1. I visited your site the other day, Sophie, and left a comment. I repeat it again: I find your work truly amazing. I am one for detail, but the detail in your work is mind-blowing.

    Congratulations on the magazine article

  2. thank you John! I am really proud and excited about the article.

  3. Congratulations on receiving some of the attention you deserve Sophie! It looks great!

  4. Article looks lovely and they have chosen the two pictures I would have chosen if I were writing the article!!!! (in other words my favourites!!!) International recognition for your beautiful naturalism.....from the country where modernism/abstraction originated.....excellent!!!!

  5. In a way I was proud to have a *première* view of this article in Pratique des Arts ...

  6. You did Gilberte! I am really grateful. Would have struggled without you.

    Thank you Chris!

  7. Hi Sophie,

    I saw you today here in Lisbon :-)
    After living work today, I passed by the magazine store to check the art magazines and there you were in the Pratique des Arts.
    Your artistic path as proved rewarding thanks to alot of hard work.
    My favourite work of yours continues to be The Little Prince.

    Take care,


  8. Hi José! So nice to be in Lisbon too! great to hear from you, thanks a lot. I too love Little Prince, I still have it in the studio.


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