Friday, 13 July 2012

Portrait WIP

I am working on a triple portrait (a commission)
with the client’s permission, here are some teaser pictures....



  1. Wow Sophie, quite a job ! I'm convinced it will turn out to be excellent.

  2. Hi Sophie,

    Your work is always so nice and I really like the way you work around fabric and textures in your portraits or still life..

    This ones sure going the right direction..

    Something interesting is that you are painting it upside down.. Do you always work that ways.. Not sure if you answered such query already as I am not able to find any FAQs..


  3. Thank you Gilberte!
    Rohit, sometimes I paint a bit upside down. It helps to see compositional issues and recognise shapes and form. Its like looking into a mirror from time to time. I don’t work upside down all the time, just sometimes turn it to help me ‘see’.


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