Thursday, 4 October 2012

Framing and ready for Submitting

I am about to submit some paintings to open exhibitions so everything had to be framed and labelled, polished and dusted. Some of my frames come from Frinton, who makes the frames by hand, finished off to a very high standard. At other times I ask my local framer, Claire, to make a frame for me, which she always chooses and finishes perfectly. Fingers crossed now that these will get accepted into these open exhibitions!

Small Blue, framed in black/gold frame. The painting itself is only 13x18cm

Silk & Lace, framed in black/pewter. The painting is 40x50cm excl. frame,  55x65cm incl. frame.


  1. like more the black/gold frame

  2. You're welcome Adebanji.
    Cheers Aviv, I use black/gold a lot for my frames.


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