Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Painting in progress - black lace

I have been sharing my progress pictures on this next painting and thought I wanted to show it here too.
This is currently on the easel.

Underpainting stage. Just burnt umber (=brown) paint on white canvas (oil primed which is the base I prefer to work on). It takes a while at this stage as I want to get the 'feel' right, the line of the neck is vital. The sepia look is quite attractive, perhaps I will do a completely monochromatic piece one day!

Colour blocking in: This stage goes quicker. I put in some base colours and make sure that the skin underneath the lace is approximately the right colour.

Now I get the small brushes out, a synthetic or sable size 1 brush and start hatching the skin and begin the lace pattern. I'll end up getting lost in all those curly black lines!

To be continued!!


  1. Hi Sophie, I just came across your blog. I love your paintings, especially the lace....beautiful!

  2. Thank you Karen, Nice of you to stop by! Do hang around for the finale...I'll post the finished picture soon. (well if all goes well...still working on it!)


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