Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Portrait of Queen Anne of Denmark

John de Critz, Portrait of Queen Anne of Denmark, 1605-10. National Portrait Gallery, London

Anne of Denmark (queen consort of James I), (born 1574- died 1619), daughter of the King of Denmark, who loved fashion, extravagance, fought for custody over her children, was a Lutheran and had a troublesome marriage with the king. Portrait by John de Critz (1551-1642), Flemish born, but living and working in England most of his life and 'Serjeant Painter' to James I (chief painting job in court)In 1619 Anne of Denmark died and in the same year a whole generation of artists such as Hilliard, Robert Peake and William Larkin, paving the way for new style in portraiture.

Her silk dress shows the 'pinks'; little decorative cuts in the fabric. It is decorated with embroidered bands. She wears an Elizabethan wheel farthingale under her skirt and in her wire- supported collar there is some very detailed and expensive cutwork lace.

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