Saturday, 7 June 2014

The End of BP 2013

I actually went to see the BP Portrait Award 2013 on the very last day it was on in Wolverhampton Art Gallery. It was sort of silly to have left it so late, but also felt a bit silly to go and see my own painting. But there are so many great works there and it was the very last time the BP 2013 class would have been together! It was also very nice to see the show in a different ‘hang’; Carl Randall’s Travel Award work had its own area and the lighting overall was really great. 
And so this is one of the little milestones that mark the end of the BP-2013.
We can look forward to the 2014 show - starting in just over two weeks! - that will include my works - probably 7 of them.....

Honoured to hang next to Saied Dai’s work. That man is a wizard
with paint.

A Selfie of a Selfie

I love dramatic lighting. The works were hung quite low
so I could have a real good  look close-up!

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