Sunday, 4 January 2015

...2015 is Here!

A new year, new plans, cleaning up, sorting out...
As soon as the new year starts I usually get the bug and can’t wait to throw out the Christmas decorations, tidy up and go for minimalist instead of cozy and full. I have been researching a new easel for a long time now and although not totally decided or ordered I wanted to make more space in my small studio. So out with the big (-ish) old desk and in with a new smaller one! A few shelves and a new desk chair (still to be covered with some nice fabric) and some re-organising later I am very happy with a new, more organised, space saving corner in my studio. I used Pinterest for some interior design ideas... There is more space to set up models and still lives, more space to hold Open Studios and most importantly there is space for the longed for big easel. But that is another story.

Ten Best Facebook Pages on Art
The New Year was off to a good start by a post by the Making a Mark Blog about the 10 best Art Facebook pages....which included mine! Wow, thank you Making a Mark. 

Talking about social can find me not only on Facebook, but also on Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and Pinterest! Yes I love it all..... ;)

Teaser Image
On my Facebook page I recently shared a studio shot, with a small detail of a painting in progress. Just a little teaser:


Hi, Please leave any comments here. Thanks, Sophie.


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