Tuesday, 5 August 2014

BP Portrait Award Catalogue

BP Portrait Award 2014 catalogue. National Portrait Gallery 2014.
In the BP Portrait Award 2014 catalogue there is a 7-page essay about my work for the Travel Award, written by Richard McClure. It is a lovely honour to have such a substantial part of the catalogue devoted to my work. You can buy the catalogue in all good bookshops, amazon and the National Portrait Gallery shop.

BP Portrait Award 2014 Catalogue

BP Portrait Award 2014 Catalogue

Of course if you want even more information, and like a bit of art history on the side, bigger reproductions and some inside knowledge direct from the studio, you opt also for the book I wrote on The Lace Trail. Available from the National Portrait Gallery shop and direct from the publisher.

The Lace Trail book, and BP Portrait Award 2014 Catalogue

The Lace Trail book

For an organised list of ALL blog posts that I wrote during the BP Travel Award project (2 years), please see this page on my blog!

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