Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Snow Flakes

Snow Flake Children
Oil on canvas, 70x50cm
Just finished (I think...)


  1. LOVELY-and would make a great Christmas card image too :-)

    Re your last post, I'm trying to be an Art Historian as well as an artist/designer too.....I have always loved the PRB, for their incredibly interesting lives as well as some of their paintings (Burne_Jones-especially The tree of Foregiveness- and Waterhouse, second and third wave PRB's are my favourites) I loved the dissertation for my last degree, based on Rosetti's pictures and relationships. Unfortunatly OU 20th century art should be renamed 20th century art criticism, that is not as interesting as the Art itself (!!!!!) due to the density of Art critics language.It's interesting and now Iunderstand the background to weverything but can't wait to return to my Victorian heroes one day.....

    Thank you for your kind comments about my lace final boards related to Oriental subjects (butterflies antique textiles etc )are under June/May posts). I have never tried portraits bar one years ago from aphotograph. Is this one done from a photo too?

  2. Absolutely in love with this piece. It is simply wonderful!!

  3. Thanks for your lovely comments all.


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