Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Work in Progress

 This painting is currently on the easel, hopefully finishing before some open exhibition deadlines but besides painting, a lot of time is taken up by thinking where I am taking this. It is still far from finished so delay your judgment, it can all still change! Would love to hear what you feel this painting is about (if anything!).

No title yet, 70x50cm, oil


  1. It seems to me it is a scene from a childrens Christmas play about snow flakes??! As an ex Junior school teacher it evokes all kinds of lovely and funny memories....

    Children of Kindergarten age are so innocent and this picture, with the snow and limited palette is to me therefore about winter and innocence as well as anticipation of Christmas. Childrens Chrismas nativities/plays are so special, bringing warmth and light and joy at the darkest coldest time of the year. I'm also reminded of scandinavian, german and dutch Christmas traditions, St. Lucia and St, Nicholaus etc.........

  2. Am I on the right track Sophie?????!!!!:-)

  3. Hi Chris, of course you’re on the right track. There is no right or wrong in art. I am hoping to put in another layer of meaning about young girls, innocence and growing up into women, but on first looks it is 3 girls as snowflakes. Each girl different in character and mood. Hope you like it!

  4. Thanx Sophie! I love your beautiful 'mimetic'/figurative' oictures. I am a detailed, fine line image maker and am finding the art of the 20th century course I am studying with the OU of great interest b oth interesting and challenging to my ideas of art. I am a lover of 'beauty' as were the Victorians, who challenged academic tradition but in a naturalistic way. You seem to be following one of their themes with this picture-Burne-Jones, Millais and Waterhouse all were very concerned with this. However, I guess its treatment by a woman is more acceptable....?!Their picures are beautiful and so is yours.....realism never went away!!!!!!!

  5. That extra touch of darkness around the subjects make it sing out with a nice clearly-defined edge. I think this has worked well and needs little to finish; I think any additions of back drop would take from the glowing faces.

  6. The background will be dark and fairly empty, Bella, as indeed it would probably destract from the faces. Plenty going on there. Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate it.

  7. Long live realism, Chris. I am all for it. Contemporary realism we call it nowadays apparently. Hopefully minus the naked ladies draped on sheets as that is no longer part of modern society, although not everybody seems to be aware of that. I feel it high time for the conceptual art world to make some room for realism and it is happening, although very slowly here in the UK.

  8. The Pre-Raphaelites managed to combine concepts with realism in their early days, and some of their pictures beautiful as well. So maybe that's a modern way to go???!!!
    Shame art historians got involved with all their labels and boxes and 'critiques' -which I find many of the artists disagree with!!!:-)

    Keep up the beautiful realism!!!!

    I love your lace and textile imagery (having just finished a textiles degree and attempted some lace imagery myself !!!!!-see my blog-New Year post)

  9. I love the pre-raphaelites, Chris. LOL, I am an art historian and an artist....
    Nice work on your lace pics. Thanks for popping in.:-)


  11. A beautiful painting. I like the composition and the depth you have created with the figure in shadow in the foreground, the soft shapes in the skin and hair are a perfect counterbalance to the sharp shapes of the cut paper of the snowflakes, Bravo Sophie.

    I will follow your work with interest


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