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Women Painting Women in Glasgow

Women Painting Women UK 

group exhibition 

Glasgow Art Exposure Gallery 

20 September - 8 October 2013

  Back in 2009 a few brilliant American female figurative painters began a blog called 'Women Painting Women'. Sadie J. Valeri, Alia El-Bermani, and Diane Feissel wanted to celebrate and attract attention for women artists (so often only represented by galleries on the canvas only, and not painting the canvas as artists). The blog was a huge success and is still going strong. Since then the blog has grown into quite a movement and two exhibitions have been held in the US celebrating dozens of female figurative artists. Although it remains sadly true that generally more male than female artists are shown in galleries and museums and more male artists are celebrated in the media, I find it very interesting to see how female artists have a different approach to painting in comparison to male artists. Often (not always, don't test me!) one can recognise whether a painting was painted by a man or a woman. I would not detect a difference in quality but there often is a difference in approach, mood, and style. A group exhibition that centres on female artists, therefore, is not only a rare occasion but also interesting in appreciating different ways of 'seeing'.

On 20 September 2013 no less than 7 Women Painting Women exhibitions will open simultaneously in the US and the UK.

The UK leg of this movement will have their WPW exhibition in Glasgow, at the Art Exposure Gallery. The show is curated by Stephanie Rew, a brilliant artist who paints the most beautiful kimono's and who is represented by the Art Exposure Gallery. She has invited a number of British female figurative artists and I am proud and pleased to be amongst them.

Women Painting Women UK
20 September - 8 October
Art Exposure Gallery
19 Parnie Street 
Glasgow G1 5RJ 
Scotland, UK 
tel +44 141 552 7779 

The 11 artists are

You can see all the art works exhibited on the website:

I will contribute two paintings: my huge 'Eurydice enters the Underworld' and the very small 'Self Portrait Looking Down'
I hope that you can all visit beautiful Scotland! I have not decided yet, but am going to try and make it to the Private View on 20 September in Glasgow!

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  1. Sophie, Looks like an incredible show. Your pieces are gorgeous. It would be wonderful to see a catalog of all the 2013 pieces, for those of us, especially us women artists, who can't make all the venues. Congrats.

  2. Hi Candace, thank you so much. I think a catalogue will be made, but am not sure yet. Will let you know!

  3. Please come up - Art Exposure is where I normally show my work, and Frances who runs it is lovely. I'm quite looking forward to seeing the show!

  4. Am afraid I won't make it, but my paintings did! Let me know what you think of the exhibition!


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