Sunday, 6 July 2014

The Handkerchief Girl

The Handkerchief Girl, oil on linen, 30x36”

William Larkin, portrait of Lady
Anne Cecil, 1614-18.
©English Heritage
In early 17th century portraits we often see young women holding the fashion accessory of the day, a handkerchief. Especially the paintings by William Larkin (1580s-1619) show an abundance of hankies. Larkin was only known as ‘The Curtain Master’ before more was found out about him. It was clear he was a master in painting fabrics. Inspired, I included typical elements from his paintings in my work: curtains, hankies and big dresses.

The 21st century girl in the dress is young, looks slightly bored and reluctant. Her character does not match her glamorous outfit. She is the reluctant cover girl who is looking for her own identity.
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